What can I do with UIA Verify ?

Nov 1, 2008 at 11:35 PM

I develop for my company some UI components in WPF and I want build my own framework to manage and test these control. UIAutomation seems very good to do this, and I start some prototype to play with It

For Example, I can execute a small UIAutomation script in NUnit test case or Microsoft Team System Test case too !!

UIA Verify seems very usefull for me BUT I did not understand the "way of life" of this framework :-( perhaps you can help me

For example, could you say me to confirm or not theses points below ...
  • Microsoft.Test.UIAutomation.Core.Library : To pilot an application, very usefull
  • Microsoft.Test.UIAutomation.Core.TestMenu : To help to use menu of application, very usefull
  • Why all class in Microsoft.Test.UIAutomation.Tests.Controls is Empty ???
  • Microsoft.Test.UIAutomation.Tests.Patterns : theses classes are little bigger then previous ... are they usefull to test if a component is "UIAutomation friendly" ?
  • I just found this sentence here : http://www.teknologika.com/blog/2008/05/

This library is used to ensure that your application or control correctly implements the UI automation providers that can then be used by projects like white : Could you say me if it is THE function of UIA Verify ?

If I want to build a test on my new control like my own tabControl, my own Datagrid (even if it is not very Usefull, WPFToolKit en WPF 4.0 will have to contains one)

UIVerify can help me to scan, to test if my own component is just "UIAutomation friendly" or it can help me build my own scenarii too ???

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards