InitializeWindow() calling-line from Window() function from Window.cs takes 4 mins to pass call to InitializeWindow() functions first line ActionPerformed()

Jul 16, 2014 at 7:03 AM
Hey there,

I am not sure what is gone wrong after sudden reboot of my machine where everything was working as expected.

I am using Attach function to attach existing application process with process-id & that process gets attached quickly within few seconds...

After sudden reboot:
The same flow takes more than 4 mins to do the same job...

On debugging, i found that all the time is consumed in passing control from Window() function's InitializeWindow() calling-line to InitializeWindow() functions first line ActionPerformed()...

Everything before & after that pass is working expected within few seconds

I tried all everything, like rebooting machine again, rebuilding all source-codes, referring dll's again etc... but NO-LUCK...

Please let me know in case any solution on this to get it to earlier stage.