Missing files in the sources

May 29, 2008 at 6:26 PM
After attempting to look at the sources in the download, I think there are either some files missing and I need to follow a differnt installation proceedure.  In the WUIATestLibrary project, I think I am missing the following files:
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\common\Input\Input.cs
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\common\Input\NativeMethods.cs
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\common\Input\SafeNativeMethods.cs
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\common\Input\UnsafeNativeMethods.cs
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\Shared\Narrator\NarratorErrorDialogs.cs

I am also unable to see the following projects and thier corresponding sources:
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\Logging\Win7\WUIALogging\WUIALogging.csproj
    UIVerify\MSAA&UIA Tools Source Code\Logging\Win7\wuialoggingxml\wuialoggingxml.csproj

I did attempt to convert the projects and solutions for use in Visual Studio 2008. 
May 29, 2008 at 6:51 PM
If I use the source code tab to download the sources, all is good.